"This website is very cool. With the cost of color printing so prohibitive for publishers, it may be that the net is the way to do this."

-Ron Wolfson, Dean, School of Education, University of Judaism


"Rick’s color coding for Torah/Haftorah reading is truly an incredible tool for learning the trope. I, along with three of my children, have used this method. We not only learned our portions, but learned to apply the trope signs to any portion from the Torah. The color system makes total sense and helps visualize the changes in the patterns. Rick’s system has given me the confidence and ability to now read from the Chumash. I would recommend this system to any adult wanting to learn to read Torah and/or Haftorah and would certainly recommend using this method to Hebrew Schools as well."

-Miriam Nash, Teacher/Mom

"I have been studying and chanting both Torah and Haftorah for about a year now using Muller's Trope-Colors. I am 60 and had never read nor chanted Torah or Haftorah prior to last year. In 2009, I chanted before my congregation three times, and, on July 4, 2009, I chanted Haftorah for the first time in front of my congregation. I don’t think I would be able to do any of this without the color clues that are so clear and easy to follow with the Muller's Trope-Colors system."

-Joseph Millman