I have been a Torah reader and B'nai Mitzvah teacher for over 36 years. Currently, I am at Temple Menorah in Redondo Beach, CA. I have a Master's of Education from the University of Judaism, which is now the American Jewish University.

Long ago, in preparation for my becoming a Bar Mitzvah, I found that circling the tropes in pencil made it easier for me to see them. The next year, when I started teaching B’nai Mitzvah myself, I used yellow highlighter, and then other colors. My students really liked this method, but I could only color the tropes by hand. Then there was the computer, then Hebrew software, and now the Internet, and there was much rejoicing.

One of my students, Josh Effron, became a Hebrew school teacher himself and served as the Torah reader at Congregation Ner Tamid in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Josh is also an immigration lawyer. He designed this website.

Becoming B'nai Mitzvah can be a challenging, if not altogether scary time, but learning to chant with Trope-colors can truly make it an enjoyable experience.